Wateen Speed Test

Wateen Telecom is an internet service provider for organizations and individuals in Pakistan to solve their fast connectivity issues. Wateen Telecom provide complete services for internet, multimedia and other portable services with favourable prices. This company also provide the multimedia services like TV connection etc. in Pakistan.

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This website provide an easy check for the speed of Wateen internet speed as well multimedia services which is running through internet. Our website measures the subsequent network parameters;

Ping (Delay Timings)

The procedure through an average data is transmit from server and returns is called Ping. This website provide the delay timing regarding the natural ping system uses.

Downloading Speed

For a certain period downloading speed is measured with this option mentioned in the webpage by clicking on start button. This also determines the quality of online videos streaming and timing for such type of contents.

Upload speed.

Same procedure like downloading this app will work for your upload report (data sent) and show you the details in Mbps for upload through Wateen speed test.

How to perform the Internet Speed test of Wateen?

  • Close all background apps, which may use data.
  • Device is connected to the accurate internet connection.
  • Router should be updated.
  • All the settings of your router should be configured correctly according to the ISP provided instructions.
  • All the programs that use the network/Internet should be closed to maximize the channel load.
  • Proxy server and VPN is necessary to closed

Why we need Speed Test for Wateen?

Whenever you purchase any type of services you should know complete features of the required service. Same like that our website provide the tool to check the speed of Wateen internet and multimedia service. There are many website available for checking the speed test of Wateen or internet services provider. But most of them are not accurate as compare to our Wateen Speed Test tool. It will show a complete report with all the required segments in an easy report.