Warid Speed Test

Warid is famous cellular company with lots of customers because of its better services. This is also the second most popular 4G network in Pakistan, it provide very good speed for internet it you are in covered area but in some area its internet speed became slow down due to some technical issues. Although Warid offers some cheaper packages as compare to the other cellular companies.

Warid offers GSM, HSPA+ and LTE based mobile services in Pakistan with the collaboration of  local and international investors of middle east (Abdu Dhabi). You can also check ptcl speed test

speed test ptcl

Warid Internet Speed Test

There is always a conflict between services provider and out speed test systems. This is because of the service provider software which will work on specific condition which are include by the company whom is providing the service packages. In this regard, third person opinion might be consider final. We believe that this test will be based as neutral and provider should never know about this check system, this also in favour of company. It is phenomenon that when service providers host their own speed tests they eradicate some variables which shows a good false result.

Speed Test for Warid Telecome

We are providing the online most dependable freeware to know the speed of your Warid speed test connection either its 4G, HSPA+ or LTE. This tool will help you to check the warid speed for package which you are offered by Warid. This is very simple by clicking the start button displayed on the page. It will make new screen and generate a report for your downloading/uploading speed with some formal details of your internet connection. It will help you without installation of any software.