Evo Charji Speed Test

Evo Charji is the great facility product provided by the PTCL a leading broadband company in Pakistan regarding internet service. This is a powerful and easy accessible internet connection of PTCL. PTCL has different type of products for internet service like EVO 3G/4G internet devices, wingle, Evo Charji etc. PTCL is also becoming popular day by day in Pakistan with time elapsed because of its easy accessible and great services. The EVO devices have limited data bundle packages with super-fast speed of internet as compared to other devices. If you are travelling or a routine traveler for any reasons, this device will work best for you. It provides you with the speed up to 9.3 Mbps.

speed test ptcl

You can also check the evo charji speed test of your devices, and just come up with the new Evo speed test tool and ptcl speed test tool which will determine the actual internet speed of the Evo device. Though you have no need to check you device for speed test but it can compare result with the downloading speed with your downloading manager that there will be no significant difference. In this connection you need to make sure the following instructions;

  • Close all background apps, which may use data.
  • Device is connected to the accurate internet connection.
  • Router should be updated.
  • All the settings of your router should be configured correctly according to the ISP provided instructions.
  • All the programs that use the network/Internet should be closed to maximize the channel load.
  • Proxy server and VPN is necessary to closed

We are providing a free service for Evo charji speed test. You just need for starting the test, click the “Start” button a report will generate within a minute on a small screen. This check will determine the speed of incoming and outgoing connections with ping. It will also show the details of ISP provider where your connection is registered. You can aslo test your ptcl broadband speed.